Read our frequently asked questions about catering


Can you explain the sharing platters? 

Our food is served on wooden boards, large silver platters or white falcon enamelware dishes depending on your choices.  E.g. the Whole Stone Bass is served on a silver platter, Antipasti Starter platter is served on a wooden board, marinated chicken in a white falcon ware dish.

We serve 1 platter of each course to each table for everyone to tuck in and share around, this is known as family style service.

When do I need to let you know about my final menu choices? 

We send out the full menu with all available choices 12 weeks before your wedding. We ask that you let us know your final choices and menu 10 weeks before the big day. Please see the menu on the Wedding Feast Menus page if you want to start thinking about it now!

Wedding Feast Menus

Do you print up menus for the tables? 

No, we do not print up menus for the tables. We would recommend that you have the menu written either on a large blackboard, or have them printed for the table. It is good for your guests to understand that it is a sharing feast and quite different to the type of food you would usually get at a hotel wedding.

Can you accommodate my guest’s dietary requirements? 

Yes, we are more than happy to accommodate the dietary needs of any of your guests. We are able to create dishes for vegetarians, vegans, gluten free (coeliac) and dairy free guests. Just be sure to let us know when you send us your final menu choices if you need us to cater for individuals. There are also plenty of vegetarian and gluten free options on the full menu.

Will there be plenty of staff to serve the meal? 

Yes we have plenty of staff to serve drinks, canapés, the wedding feast and evening buffet. Either James, or an experienced front of house manager will be there to oversee all staff and every aspect of your day.

Can we provide our own outside catering? 

We don’t allow outside caterers. We use all our own produce and prepare the wedding feast from our on-site kitchen.

Can you provide meals for children? 

Yes we can provide a kids meal for children under 12 - £10 per head. If you are having a children's table we can put together a "kiddies menu" - £10 per head.