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The farm shop is open 8am - 3pm, Monday to Saturday.


Our Farm

The farm is always evolving. From its early days as a dairy farm with some sheep and a few crops, to its current form as a farm shop and wedding venue, the farm has had to adapt to meet the times. One thing that remains however, is the fact that Dalduff is set in a beautiful location and retains its image as a classic Ayrshire farm.

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Our Rich Heritage

Our family comes from strong farming traditions, and hence understand what good animal husbandry is all about. We know what to look for when selecting the right animals to be used in our shop. We understand the different breeds that are used in modern British farming and when best to use them. We have grown up with farmhouse cooking and know how to use all the different cuts of meat, how to get the best use out of the cheaper cuts and how to maximise on flavour.

Our Produce

The main reason to visit Dalduff, apart from attending a wedding, is to buy well sourced beef, lamb and pork as well as our famous handmade pies. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find produce that tastes good every time; supermarkets continue to work with meat from the lower end of the scale, believing that consumers want their food cheap. Whilst this may be true for some, we believe that many people today are quite happy to pay for quality, and at the same time know they are getting value for money.

We strive to maintain a high level of consistency with our products. This is why our customers keep coming back time and again, and we hope you will too.

About the Farm Shop & Kitchen

Our Shop


Social distancing measures are in place for our staff and customers.

Opening Hours

Since 1978 we have had a shop here on the farm, one of the oldest in Scotland! It is at the farm where the meat is matured properly, where we make our sausages, haggis and burgers and where the main cutting of meat takes place. The shop is open to the public, unless there is a wedding on.

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Farm Shop: 01655 740271

"A family run small business selling the best meat you can find anywhere... their sausage rolls are so addictive!"

Mariella Frostrup, Stella Magazine, The Sunday Telegraph